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Good beta testers are hard to come by. If you do use the beta, please don’t complain that you “found a bug omg this suxxor never beta testing again” and rather try to post helpful information on the bug and how to reproduce it. And please know that it is beta so things can break and don’t go making your next album with a beta software. FL 11 is still great and super solid.

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FL Studio 12 on Linux

Screenshot - 11222014 - 09:35:27 AM

FL Studio 12 Works FLAWELESSLY on Linux! I am so excited about this. Using Wine 1.7 and wineasio installed through playonlinux. Audio is Running at 6ms through JACK server. Akai MPK61 midi keyboard works perfectly. Using this along side Bitwig and Renoise I’m in heaven. Thanks Image-Line!

Descending Pitch Sub Bass in Harmor

Freak Solid

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Descending Pitch Sub Bass (or Drop Bass).  The inspiration comes from an old tool that many producers used back in the day called Stomper that was great for designing all kinds of sounds, but particularly good for kicks and subs.  This tutorial provides what I believe to be an improvement on the Stomper tool and also demonstrates how to make creative use of the release portion of envelopes.


In Harmor, we need to start with a Sine wave in the Timbre section, and make sure the mix is all the way over to the Sine wave.


Next raise up the “Sub” to beef up the low end.


In the Filter Section, select Crude Low Pass if it is not your default and go to about 10 O’clock – this will take off a lot of the high end sound.

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